The photo above is of the Representatives of the SRWC 2019 Grant Awards.

Many residents of south Deschutes County have significant needs for the basic necessities of food, shelter, clothing, health, education, and child development and care.

The goal of the Philanthropy Program is to provide these basic necessities in south Deschutes County, improving lives and strengthening community.

Annual grants are awarded to non-profit organizations that provide direct services for these basic needs at the Annual Giving Luncheon in the spring.

In 2019 the SRWC awarded 18 grants to organizations addressing these needs.  The chart below shows the percentage of grants by each basic need.

2017 Philanthropy Grant Pie Chart

Since 1999, the SRWC has awarded $537,055 in grants.

Annually the Sunriver Women’s Club (SRWC) raises funds to support their Philanthropy Program; funds accrue through membership fees, the Sunriver Art Fair, the Winter Gala, other fundraising activities, and member donations.

See the SRWC Goal, Vision and Value Statement for the Philanthropy program.


2018 SRWC Grant Applications

The Sunriver Women’s Club (SRWC) will be accepting grant applications beginning in November for their 2018 Philanthropy Grant Awards.

Organizations receiving the awards develop efficiencies and strategies to create lasting solutions and deliver effective services, promoting positive community change.

Awards focus on women, children, families and seniors. Grants that transform the lives of recipients are a priority. Impact of the supported programs is to be measured through data and realized through personal stories.

The online grant application link is available below.  Application deadline is January 31, 2018.  Please read this information before going to the grant application link.  READ ME.

2018 SRWC  Grant Application

For additional information contact: Shirley Olson, Philanthropy Director, at

SRWC Philanthropy Open Meeting

SRWC invites organizations meeting the grant criteria to an open meeting for more information and/or assistance in completing the grant application:

SRWC Philanthropy Open Meeting
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
1:00 p.m.
At the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce Offices in the Sunriver Business Park

Please RSVP if your organization would like to attend the open meeting: