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Serving the Community Since 1972

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1972-73  Sheri Allis**   1995-96  Elaine Lee
1973-74  Linda Wetzel   1996-97  Jane Mink**
   Sue Parmeter   1997-98  Joanne Bergmann**
1974-75  Jean Kirby**   1998-99  Penny Bennington**
   Mary Rothrock   1999-00  Becky Kurath
1975-76  Charlotte Hume    2000-01  Ann Bayless
1976-77  Marilyn Myers**    2001-03  Danna Harnish
1977-78   Billie Hexton      Linda Salzer
       2003-04  Dinah Finney
1978-79  Beth Wright**      Valerie Wood
       2004-05  Valerie Wood
1979-80  Barbara Cussack      Bobbie McConnell
       2005-06  Liz England
1980-81 Mitzie Elsasser      Susan Harkness-Williams
       2006-07  Susan Harkness-Williams
1981-82 Vicki Rogers      Margaret Angell
       2007-08  Margaret Angell
1982-83 Rhae Hanzen      Anita Lohman
       2008-09  Betty Jo Simmons
1983-84 Aimee Pike 2009-10  Betty Jo Simmons
1984-85 Mary Lou Woolley**  
 Jane Williams**
       2010-11  Jane Williams**
1985-86 Evelyn Rummell  
 Louise Wilson

 Millie Christensen

1986-87 Annis Oetinger      Sandy Young
       2012-13  Nancy Farnham
1987-88 Grace Morrison      Pam Morris-Stendal
       2013-14  Carol Cassetty
1988-89 Betty Kahl      Bonnie Rosen
       2014-15  Martha Deuchler
1989-90 Florence Foster**      Marcia Schonlau
1990-91 Jean Crowell**    2015-16  Lana Benish
1991-92 Betty Wells      Stephanie Nelson
       2016-17  Stephanie Nelson
1992-93 Nancy Bondurant      Corinne Andrews
1993-94 Louise McGuckin    2017-18  Debbie Dunham
       2018-19  Debbie Dunham
1994-95 Bev Trout      

Lifetime Members:  Past Presidents automatically become lifetime members.
Anyone having information on SRWC Past Presidents please contact us at


The Sunriver Women's Club (SRWC) is a  501C (3) non-profit community service organization that welcomes members from Sunriver and the surrounding communities. 

The essence of the SRWC is to be a caring partner to our neighbors, non-profits in south Deschutes County, local businesses and visitors.

The majority of our members are from Sunriver, La Pine and Bend - everyone is welcome. 

The majority of our members are from Sunriver, La Pine and Bend-everyone is welcome.  Members participate in social and philanthropic activities.  The membership year runs from October 1 through September 30, but you may join in any month.

Sunriver Women's Club
PO Box 3334, Sunriver, OR  97707

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