The Power of 100

You can become one of the 100+ people making a positive impact
on our community
in a proactive and purposeful way.


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The Power of 100 is simple.
100 people each donate $100 resulting in an
impactful $10,000 donation to a local charity.

The Power of 100…
giving Sunriver Women’s Club members the opportunity to
have a positive impact on our community
in a proactive and purposeful way.



Each year the Sunriver Women’s Club will select an area of focus for our signature Power of 100 project. This year’s project will serve the vulnerable children and youth in South Deschutes County.



After a vote by SRWC members Kids Center and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Central Oregon were selected as our first two signature projects. We’ve achieved our first goal by collecting $10,000 for CASA!

CASA receiving Power of 100 Grant

We will now move into the second project – Kid’s Center. Over the coming months we will seek 100 people to donate $100 each so we can make a $10,000 donation to Kid’s Center.

About the Project:

Kid's Cener LogoProject THRIVE is a project that identifies the highest risk child abuse victims during the medical evaluation and engages them in therapy immediately.


sad childNew research shows that beginning therapy as quickly as possible is essential in order to minimize the long-term impacts imposed by child abuse and gain successful outcomes for these children.

Our funds would:

  • Support evidence-based therapeutic intervention for children and families in South Deschutes County.
  • Serve approximately 20 children, non-offending parents and siblings.


Click the link to contribute online,

Questions & Answers about the Power of 100

Q: Do I have to give $100? Will you accept smaller contributions?
A: In order to join the Power of 100, members must make a donation of $100 or larger. However, members wishing to make smaller contributions are welcome to donate to the Philanthropy Program which funds our traditional grant program.

Q: Can I do installments for my $100 contribution?
A: Unfortunately, the SRWC doesn’t have the ability to track multiple payments for this program. Can’t do $100 this month? We can wait for you! Donations will be accepted until the second signature project is funded.

Q: I’ve heard of 100 Women Who Care program. Why aren’t we running our program the same way?
A: We have adapted the 100 Women Who Care program to fit within the existing structure of the SRWC.  Since the SRWC is the sponsor of the program, all members had a voice in selecting the signature project.

Q: What is the Power of 100?
A: The Power of 100 is a direct contribution program adapted from the successful 100 Women Who Care movement. 100 Women Who Care is a group-based philanthropy model where members choose the charity their collective contribution will support.

Q: Why is SRWC doing this? We already raise a significant amount of money for charity.
A: The recent survey of SRWC members showed interest in expanding our philanthropic impact in the community. The Power of 100 will accomplish this by allowing us to identify and support a specific need in the community and give a larger reward.

Q: Why should I join the Power of 100?
A: There are many ways we all give to the SRWC and to our community. The decision on whether to make a contribution is a personal one, therefore each member should decide if joining the Power of 100 is right for them. The Power of 100 is a program you can choose to join, just as you join a Book Club or Hiking Group.

When 100 poeple come together each becomes a powerful force for doing good while lifting up their community.
We are each strong, but together, we are stronger.

Click to open and download  The Power of 100 Brochure.